Featured Beer #23 – Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

Parting Wisdom for 2012: Don’t Eat Yellow Snow…Drink it Instead!

Well, as predicted at this time last week the world did not end on 12.21.12, much to the dismay of the few misguided idiots stupid enough to believe they had our global demise pinpointed.  I did not hear of lunatics jumping off mountains as they planned to during the supposed end times event.  Thankfully those people had a last minute change of heart when the thought of their coffin being a five-gallon bucket lost its appeal.  So here we are, just trying to keep on keepin’ on through the rest of 2012 and into the unknown that is 2013.  I, for one, am happy to see 2012 conclude and for the first time in quite a while, I’m excited for the possibilities in 2013.  Now, before we get too caught up in the future, let’s recap what just happened a couple days ago.  I’m talking about Christmas, and one with snow, no less.  Snow, in Dallas, Texas.  And me, drinking Rogue Yellow Snow IPA, because it snowed.

I have yet to mention this but I hate the snow.

Living in Des Moines, Iowa for over 30 years, snow is something you get used to.  You don’t want to, but you don’t have a hell of a lot of say in the matter, unless you move someplace warmer of course.  With that said, here I am in Dallas, Texas and it is warmer, especially in the winter.  While I do miss my friends and family, the cold and snow I do not miss.  Not one bit.  I was more than happy to leave Jack Frost behind and celebrate Christmas drinking a beer on my back patio in shorts and a T-shirt.  At least that was the vision that I had for the holidays once we moved down here.  I had no desire in dreaming of a white Christmas; I’ve experienced too damn many.  They blow.  I want the sun shining down on me.

That’s not what I got this Christmas.

"Bruiser and Wrapping Paper"

First I had to deal with this bullshit…

I woke up at 6:00 AM on December 25th to thunder, lightning and pouring rain.  I have to say, given the frozen tundra Christmas’ I’ve always experienced, I was a little bewildered but I liked it.  In my mind, once the storm blew over the chances of sun and blue skies emerging seemed high.  My itinerary of shorts, T-shirt, beer, patio, “Merry Drinking Christmas To Me”, in that order, didn’t seem too farfetched.  The rest of the morning was a standard Christmas morning for a married couple with no kids; coffee, Christmas music, breakfast, opening gifts, and homicidal thoughts/threats toward two asshole cats that like to fight and shred wrapping paper.  But as the day went on, the rain was not stopping and on top of that, it was getting colder.  What’s going on here?  We’re in Dallas now; it’s supposed to be nice outside, right?
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Nope.  It snowed.

"Snow on Christmas 2012"

…and then this bullshit. Friggin’ White Christmas. Not a fan.

Friends from Dallas were overjoyed.  The last “white Christmas” in Dallas was in 1975 so for people around my age, unless they traveled to the snow for Christmas, they’ve never seen one before.  And who would travel toward snow if they didn’t have to, seriously?  Facebook posts from Dallas lifers proclaimed “It’s so beautiful!” complete with a snowy picture of their front or backyard.  It snowed for five or six hours and as I stared at my snow covered patio, depressed, I remembered that I had a Rogue Yellow Snow IPA in my fridge.  There would be no sun, there would be no shorts and T-shirt, there would be no patio, but there would be beer damn it.

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

"Rogue Yellow Snow IPA"

Yes, I took a picture of this Rogue Yellow Snow IPA in the snow. Seemed fitting.

The word ambivalence quickly comes to mind in a situation like this.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Rogue Yellow Snow IPA, it’s just that my plan was to review it when there was a light dusting of snow, like toward the end of February, when winter is nearly out of the picture and spring is ready to set up shop.  I had no intention of reviewing this beer now.  On Christmas.  But it snowed, quite a bit, so here I am back at Rogue Ales sooner than I wanted to be.  I’m happy, but not as happy as I’d like to be.

It’s this early snow’s fault.

Rogue’s explanation of Yellow Snow IPA from their website is “pale golden in color with a hoppy, fruity aroma.  Big hop flavor up front complemented by medium body and hoppyness mid-pallet.  Finishes with a characteristic lingering bitterness.”  It also says that Yellow Snow IPA was originally introduced for the 2000 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.  Yellow Snow is Rogue’s tribute to winter sports everywhere—downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross country, ice hockey, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and even curling.  It will be available November 1st in select states where mountains and snow can be found.”

They can explain it better than I can.

A theme we’ll cover over and over with Rogue is hops.  Whenever they can brew a beer using hops, they will, and they’ll be generous with their usage of them.  They brew so many different kinds and styles of beer that Rogue definitely has something for everyone’s tastes.  Rogue Yellow Snow IPA is hoppy and bitter, no doubt, and if you don’t care for that then you might want to find another kind to try.  Just know I used to not like IPAs either and now they’re one of my favorite styles.  I never envisioned enjoying them, but then again I also envisioned it was going to be sunny and warm every Christmas in Dallas, right?

"Bruiser in a Santa Hat"

Merry Christmas from this asshole to you and yours!

Bunch of bullshit.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, whether it snowed or not!  I guess mine was pretty good, even with the precipitation.  Also, here’s hoping you have a great New Year’s holiday as well!

The next VHT will be the first of 2013, so…

…until next year, cheers people!!!

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