Featured Beer #8 – Rogue Fifteen Thousand Brew Ale

Dave Chappelle, telling it like it is on “For What It’s Worth.” If you haven’t seen it, please do.

If You’re White, Remember to Keep a Tally

When it comes to drinking, I think Dave Chappelle has it right. Dave says that basically black dudes drink, and white dudes drink, but white dudes want to out-drink everyone and make sure to catalog and keep count of everything they had to drink for that night.

Friggin’ white people. Grow up, huh?

The beer for today’s VHT got me thinking, because I’m a white dude, just how many beers have I drank in my lifetime?

I can honestly say I don’t have that number, but I know this, it’s a large number.

But is it 15,000 large?

There’s a segway.

Rogue Fifteen Thousand Brew Ale

Today’s beer is Fifteen Thousand Brew Ale from Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. The very first VHT’s beer was from Rogue as well, Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA. Now, why is it called Fifteen Thousand? It’s Rogue brewmaster John Maier’s fifteen-thousandth brew in the last 23 years.

A special one-time brew from Rogue called Fifteen Thousand Brew Ale. It’s a big bottle and a great beer, so go get one. If you can.

He’s the only brewer they’ve ever had and in honor of this accomplishment he made a one-time batch of the Fifteen Thousand Brew Ale, a Belgian Stout, and limited the release to 1,515 bottles. The ceramic bottles are painted, numbered, signed by John Maier and, as an added bonus, they come filled with an alcoholic liquid.

Turns out that’s my favorite part.

This beer is almost completely sold out, and when it’s gone it’s gone, although there’s a recipe so if they decide to make more, well, they can. For now though, there’s 1,515 bottles in the world, and that’s it.

I have number 355.

The beer is great; lighter than I expected with a somewhat dry, roasted taste. But know this, it’s Rogue, so it’s great. If you want one, get on rogue.com and give it a shot. They may still have some left. If not, Rogue has about 35 other beers to choose from.  Beers that I bet I’ll cover eventually, so why not beat me to it and try some now?

I suggest you try as many as you can in one night, with a group of friends, and proudly state:
maglie calcio poco prezzo
You: Dude, we’ve only been drinking an hour and I’ve had six beers already.

Drinking Buddy #1: Uh, I know for a fact you’re on your second beer. By the way, you want a nipple for that one?

You: No man, this is not my second.

Drinking Buddy #2: Hey, you two are still drinking your second beers and I’m almost finished with my third. You want to quit looking for your tampons and drink up, ladies? I’m drinking fifteen tonight. In fact, now I’m done with this one and I’m going to get my fifth.

You: Fifth? You just said that was your third?

Drinking Buddy #2: I’ve had way more than three, dude.

White dudes love to embellish the amount of beers they drink, and if you’re white, you’ve participated in some form of this scenario. Now, if you’re black, well, just continue to relax and drink with your boys.

Now this dude might really have drank as many as he claimed.

If you can find it, have Fifteen Thousand Brew Ale by Rogue. If not, pick a craft beer and partake. I guess if you’re a domestic guy or gal, you can drink that too. But if you’re white, just make sure you keep a count going. I’m still trying to tally up my lifetime beer consumption right now:

Me: Might take a while, but I bet it’s more than fifteen-thousand, dude.

So cheers people, whether you keep count or not!

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