Featured Beer #1 – Rogue Dads Little Helper Black IPA

Welcome To The Inaugural Inebriation

A week back in Des Moines, Iowa.

Best damn bar in Des Moines as far as I’m concerned. They have a couple beers to choose from.

I suppose it’s only fitting that this new, probably misguided venture starts where 99% of my beer was drank while I lived here in Iowa; El Bait Shop. It’s also fitting that the first beer on the VHT (Violent Hangover Thursdays) menu is from my favorite brewery, Rogue.

Unfortunately, Dallas doesn’t have the selection that Rogue has to offer like Iowa does. Probably the worst thing about the move down south. Seriously.

But hey man, I’m here now, so I shall indulge.

I suppose it’s a good idea to let you know what to expect from week to week on VHT.

That’s what I’m calling it now.

Each week I’ll try a different beer, and I’ll write. About the beer? Maybe. But write I shall. And drink I shall.

It’s a win-win situation from my perspective.

I don’t have a sophisticated enough palate to describe the hop level of the beer, nor do I think you care about the malt level, or its head, sexual orientation, favorite reality show or whatever the else. Nor am I that pretentious. I’m gonna drink, tell you a little about the beer and then what follows will simply be controlled by my level of intoxication.

Sounds dope, huh?
maglie calcio poco prezzo
Well it is.

I’ll drink Wednesdays, write as I drink, and post every Thursday. Sometimes with a hangover, sometimes not. As you get older, it’s really hard to tell what’s going to happen the next day.

Rogue Dads Little Helper Black IPA

A beer dedicated to dads. I’m not a dad but I’ll drink it anyway. Cuz it’s beer.

So for VHT #1 it’s Rogue Dads Little Helper Black IPA. In a 22 oz bottle. It’s dark, it’s hoppy, it’s Rogue, so it owns. It doesn’t say the alcohol content on the bottle, but it’s more than 3.2%, trust me.

You got to like hops to like Rogue, for the most part. I do and I don’t just like Rogue, I love them. Everything about them. They’re a company that’s a middle-finger to corporate nonsense. They’re a “be different and be yourself regardless of who’s watching” company. They’re unique, they know it, and they’re proud of it.

So like I said, they own. Now go drink their shit. Everything you can get your hands on.

After moving to Dallas I realize that it’s a “don’t know what you got till it’s gone” situation. It seriously is hard to find Rogue down in Dallas. So guess what I’m going to do?

Order their brewed creations online.
Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo
My face is starting to feel a tad bit tingly now that I’m nearly through the 22 oz bottle in record time. Probably should eat something.

Food always seems to get in the way of my drinking though.

I’ll never learn.

So welcome to VHT. I’ve got some pretty cool ideas to make these days interactive as we get going with this. Maybe an opportunity to get some free beer related stuff for those that participate.
maglie calcio poco prezzo

Think you can’t learn something while drinking beer? You’d be dead wrong.

Give me a few weeks to drink on it.

Rogue Dads Little Helper Black IPA. Very good beer. You haven’t seen the last Rogue by a long shot. Trust me.

To those that will read these, my liver thanks you.

Cheers people.

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