Featured Beer #9 – Presidente de Dominican Republic

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Me: Uno Presidente Ceniza


Me (in English): Look man, I’m on vacation and it’s hotter than a bitch right now, so bring me a beer rather quickly before we have to fight.

Now, very few Spanish words, whole lot of English words.

Don’t take it up with me, I didn’t invent the Spanish language.  I’m simply telling you what Uno Presidente Ceniza means.

Hey, that’s me, drinking a Presidente ceniza. And, wearing a Presidente T-shirt. Just pimpin’ the Dominican any way I can.

So, as I’m typing this, I’m in the Dominican Republic on vacation and although VHT is a little delayed, it’s certainly happening.  In fact, this weeks’ should be titled VHS-S, which of course means Violent Hangover Saturday – Saturday because that’s how long I’ve been and will be here, Saturday thru Saturday, and violent hangover is no lie.

Presidente de Dominican Republic

The flagship beer of the Dominican Republic is Presidente, or Presidente de Dominican Republic, and I’ve had too many to count at this point.  Ceniza is a Dominican word which basically means as cold as you can get it before freezing.  If you’ve been living in a cave, uno in Spanish means one.

Although it’s been more than one, trust me.

Can you find this beer in the States?  Well, I’ve never seen it until now and given my love and admiration for all things beer, I’d have to say it may be difficult.

Is it good?  Dude, I’m on vacation in the Dominican, with scenery like this.  Anything you drink in a place like this is good.
Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo

An aerial shot of where I’m at right now. You know, kinda nice.

Do I have anything else to say?  Right now, I just finished my last sip of Presidente de Dominican Republic so I’m running like a honey badger is chasing me back to the bar to get another.

No lie.

Wi-Fi is spotty here and it’s been a struggle to stay connected, so this one is short and sweet.  Besides, I’m on vacation damn it.

Cheers from the Dominican Republic people!

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