Featured Beer #5 – Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale

Dale’s A Hell Of A Guy, Man

So last week I tore into Sam Adams’ Harvest Collection 12-pack in a timeline based VHT. I drank the six different types of beer the Harvest sampler had to offer.

My goal was eight beers, but let’s not worry about that now.

This week it’s Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale, with Oskar Blues being the brewery out of Lyons, Colorado.

Dale’s Pale Ale from Oskar Blue Brewery in Lyons, Colorado.

It’s a pale ale. In a can.

Now listen, there’s a lot of snobby beer drinkers out there that would scoff at beer in a can. Well, “good” beer anyway. You see, it’s widely thought that craft beers need to be bottled or on tap as to not tarnish their subtle flavors. Cans are for Busch Light, Bud, Coors and all that shit.

Not true.

Oskar Blues can everything and I’ve got to say, their Pale Ale is great. Plus, it’s made by a dude named Dale.

Let’s focus on that, shall we.

I can honestly say that I’ve met very few Dales over the years. The ones that I have, however, were good guys. All things considered, I trust a Dale.

I’m not a NASCAR fan but people loved this Dale. Heard he was a great guy. Dale = good.

There’s names I’m hesitant to trust. Derek bothers me a bit, though I’m not sure why. I know of very few Dereks, but if this beer was called Derek’s Pale Ale, I’d say “fuck Derek” and be trying a different beer.

Also, it wouldn’t rhyme and sound as cool.

But Dale, he just sounds like an honest dude. The kind of guy you can sit next to at the bar and comfortably start talking about the weather, or your jobs, or whatever sporting Moncler outlet event is on the big screen. Eventually you pay your tab and walk away saying:

You: That Dale’s a hell of a guy, man.

Now Derek on the other hand, you pull up a chair next to him and you might as well be talking to yourself. Trying to have a normal “dude” type conversation would get in the way of all the scattered ass he’s trying to focus on. He’d pretend he’s listening, but he isn’t. You’re annoying Derek. Derek has to get laid, so shut up and find a Dale to chat with.

I’m not a baseball fan but here’s a Derek. Something tells me he wouldn’t be as nice to you as Dale would have been. Unless you’re a hot piece of ass. See my point?

This particular Dale has got himself a pale ale for you to try. And you should.

Pale ales are an acquired taste; years ago I didn’t like them but now I love them. Once you get over the fact you don’t have to drink 25 Coors Lights in a day to be considered drinking beer and just keep trying new stuff, you’d be surprised what you’ll like.

It can take time, but you can get there.

Dale will help.

And perhaps in time, some jerk named Derek will too. I shouldn’t be so judgmental about Derek; it’s not like Cory is a name that makes people think about a down-to-earth man’s man to have a few beers with.

Cory is also a girls name, and if that’s not a reason for me to drink, what is?

Dale’s Pale Ale, from Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado. 6.5% alcohol. Hoppy, of course, but not overpowering. Highly recommended.

And, it’ll get you drunk. It’s got me on my way.

Til next week people.


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