Featured Beer #12 – Magic Hat Ourtoberfest Hex

One Celebration Ends, Another Begins

Quick question; where the hell did this year go?

Today is October 11th and if you remember from last weeks’ VHT or knew it already, this year’s Oktoberfest ended on October 7th. The last two weeks I’ve indulged in Oktoberfest related beers, from Paulaner’s mammoth Oktoberfest Wiesn can to Avery Brewing Company’s mammoth alcohol content bottle, The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest. However, it’s time to transition from Oktoberfest to the next celebration on the calendar; Halloween.

While searching for a Halloween themed beer, which I will continue to do until the month is over, I found something that bridges the transition from Oktoberfest to Halloween quite nicely. It’s Magic Hat’s fall seasonal brew; Magic Hat Ourtoberfest Hex.

Magic Hat’s fall seasonal “Ourtoberfest” Hex.

Let it be known, this is the last Oktoberfest-style beer until next year.

I’ve had my fill, trust me.

Magic Hat Ourtoberfest Hex

Magic Hat is a brewery in South Burlington, Vermont, and they’ve been doing their thing since 1994. Now here’s a fact about the state of Vermont; they are number one in the United States for breweries per capita. The state doesn’t have a ton of breweries compared to the likes of Colorado, California and Oregon, but in comparison to the amount of people in that state, well, they’re hooked up, beer wise.

Go Vermont, huh?

Also, Magic Hat is in the top ten of the United States for craft beer sales.

Go Magic Hat as well, I guess.

Enough factoids here, let’s focus on the beer. I liked it, and if you dig Oktoberfest beers, you’ll dig it too. Six beers went down pretty well for me, especially considering the Oktoberfest-style beers aren’t my preferred style.

Remember, just because they’re not my preference doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy ‘em. The more I drink, the more I like them.
magliette calcio a poco prezzo
Expanding horizons is my goal, for both you and me.

The Halloween theme of the Hex packaging is what sucked me in. “Hex” refers to autumn spirits rising up and placing a hex on everyone across the land that causes them to drink or something.

If that shit’s true, it turns out I’ve had a hex on me for a good portion of my life.

The box is red and black, it’s got creepy trees, a black cat and a spooky bird checking things out. Also, it’s got a witch who, even with all of her inherent evil, knows her place and is bringing a group of dude goblin-like-things some beer.

If she knows what’s good for her, she’ll be swift about it too.

Just kidding ladies, just kidding.

So if you’re feeling festive for Halloween already, or you dig Oktoberfest-style beers, or you’re just plain thirsty, check out Magic Hat’s Ourtoberfest Hex.

The next few weeks should be fun, especially on Halloween night. I already know what I’m drinking and I’m just calling it right now, I’m going to be hammered up. LARGE.

So here’s a small sneak preview of the new logo for Pints of Wisdom. Yes, it’s faint

By the way, I suggest you start early and get that costume picked out for your annual Halloween party. Time’s flying by this year, right?

Cheers people!

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