Featured Beer #14 – Left Hand Brewing Company Stranger Pale Ale

Halloween Style, Round Three. Times Two. Part Two.

…and continue we shall.

That Black Metal by Jester King Brewery is a lot to consume in one evening, especially considering the alcohol content and style of beer.  I wouldn’t recommend taking a bunch of Imperial Stouts tailgating with you for Saturday or Sunday’s big game, thinking everything’s going to be okay.

It won’t be.

I respect anyone that chooses to drink bright and early on a Saturday morning, but know that Imperials should be respected as well, along the lines of expensive liquor.  Sipped, not slammed.  Now you could play beer pong with an Imperial Stout, but only if you’re tired of watching football and you’d rather have your stomach pumped in an emergency room while trying to get updates on the score via Twitter.

If that sounds appealing, well shit, I can’t stop you.  Personally, I think I’d rather watch the game.

So I finished the Black Metal, gave myself a little break, didn’t pass out on the couch or floor amazingly enough, and was still in the mood for one more.  The sun has gone down, it’s pitch dark outside and as we all know, the freaks come out at night.  Freaks, or strangers.  Sometimes spiders do too and I hate those things, but for now let’s focus on strangers.

To finish out this evening it’s Stranger Pale Ale by Left Hand Brewing Company.

Left Hand Brewing Company Stranger Pale Ale

"Left Hand Brewing Company Stranger Pale Ale"

I did what I could to make the photo more scary, right? Now c’mon, if you’re not scared of that photo, well, that probably means you’re a grown-up.

As for the brewery; Left Hand is located in Longmont, Colorado, a state where so many craft breweries call home.  They are without a doubt one of my favorite breweries and many more beers from them will make an appearance on VHT down the road.  We haven’t discussed pale ales yet, so let’s do that.  Basically, pale ales and IPAs contain various styles of hops.  While IPAs are generally extremely hoppy and intense, pale ales are usually more subtle.  Also, pale ales can sometimes have a fruity vibe as well.  Think of pale ales as your gateway drink to IPAs.  Crude explanation, but you get it.

Stranger is a good choice in the pale ale department.

I don’t think I need to explain the Halloween reference, right?  The word “stranger” isn’t a pleasant word.  Your parents used to tell you “never talk to strangers.”  “Keep away from strangers,” they’d say.  There are scary movies that use the word “Stranger” or “Strangers” in the title.  Plus, the bottle has an all-black figure on it.  When someone is shrouded in darkness, they’re scary until you can make out who they are, even if the figure turns out to be your 4’ 8” grandma.
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Perhaps you’re always scared of your grandma?  That’s a possibility.

"Black metal grandma"

So you’re telling me this black metal loving grandma slowly emerging from the shadows wouldn’t freak you out? Liar.

So that’s it for the two-beer, two-part VHT, Halloween style.  Check out Left Hand Brewing Company Stranger Pale Ale and Jester King Brewery Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout if you can find them.  Two completely different styles, both very good.

Next Wednesday will be Halloween night.  I will not be trick-or-treating, nor will I be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.  I will be safe within the confines of my home, drinking two beers that I’ve never had in my life.  I’ve got to be honest with you; I’m a little concerned about drinking these beers individually, let alone both on the same night.

Should be…interesting.  Something tells me next Thursday morning will be rough.

More so than tomorrow even.

Cheers people!

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