Featured Beer #14 – Jester King Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout

Halloween Style, Round Three. Times Two. Part One.

Times two?  Part one?

That’s right, we’re doubling up tonight for a two part VHT while still keeping it Halloween style!  Last week’s beer was Deschutes Hop In The Dark CDA and I have to admit, you really had to go along with me to agree it was Halloween related.  For that I thank you.  Tonight though, both beers have Halloween references, my creativity has concluded.  I have yet to see a beer called Witches Brew, or Goblins Golden Ale, or Pumpkin…wait, there’s a shit-ton of pumpkin stuff.  But hey, that’s a seasonal, harvest thing, not necessarily a Halloween thing.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s more fun for me to infer the beer can be considered Halloween related, then, after my inference, convey my reasoning to you.  With that said, the first beer is Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout by Jester King.

"Jester King Brewery Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout

Black metal. It’s a type of music and it’s a type of beer. Both are extreme. Now you know.

That’s a lot to take in, I know.

Jester King Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout

Jester King is a farmhouse brewery located in the outskirts of Austin, Texas.  For their beers, they strive to utilize as many ingredients as they can from their farm and/or their surrounding environment.  Most of their beers are certified organic by the USDA.  Like all other craft breweries, they have a style all their own and their packaging and bottle labels are very…bizarre.

They make good beer though!  Imperial Stout is the kind of beer and if you’ve been following along with VHT from the beginning, or the last few weeks, you know that imperial style beers pack a punch in the alcohol department.  They usually range anywhere from 8 – 11%.  Black Metal is 9.3%, which is ample.

Which brings me to the Black Metal part.

I’m a metal-head, through and through.  I mean as in heavy metal music.  I friggin’ love it.  People have sometimes asked me:

People: What kind of music do you like?
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Me: Metal.

People: Oh, like AC/DC or something like that?

All I can think to myself is “Jesus Christ on roller skates, AC/DC is not metal.”  I’m pretty sure my mom likes AC/DC.  She sure as hell doesn’t like my music.  But black metal, that shit’s too much, even for me.  Too evil, too creepy; just too damn much of everything.  One characteristic of black metal bands is the use of theatrics.  They generally like to dress up in black, with white face paint, sometimes covered in blood or something repulsive.  They look pretty much like the dude on this bottle looks.  Think of the band KISS, only much more sinister and evil.

"The band KISS"

People used to think this was the official band of Satan. Those people never heard of black metal.

And that folks, is your Halloween connection.  Costumes are a vital characteristic of Halloween in America, and for these black metal guys, every day is Halloween.  In fact, I bet the one day they don’t dress up is Halloween, just to be counter-culture and say:

Black Metal Dudes: If that’s what everyone else is doing, then fuck it, we’re not.  C’mon guys, let’s go burn down a church instead.

And then they do.  But only sometimes.

So I don’t dig the musical genre of black metal, but the Jester King Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout is damn good.  It comes in a pretty large bottle so there’s plenty to indulge in.  In fact, there’s really no reason to have another beer after this one, but you know what, I’m parched over here.  Just flat out parched.  So I’ll take a minute to collect myself, let my next beer get cold and…

…to be continued…

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