Featured Beer #17 – Great Divide Brewing Company Wild Raspberry Ale

Dude, They Already Fruited the Damn Beer

Alright, so here’s the deal.  Buying Great Divide Brewing Company Wild Raspberry Ale was not at all my idea.  In fact, I didn’t buy this beer, my wife did.  She thought it looked enticing, had never tried it and with a swipe of her overused debit card that’s slowly taking us into financial ruin, walked out with her very own six-pack.

Let it be said, if you’re going to go into financial ruin, let beer purchases be the reason.  That’s why even with an ever dwindling savings account, we can still have a happy marriage.

(UPDATE – In no way are we headed into financial ruin.  We have enough money to buy beer whenever we feel like it.  And we do.  Mary exercises self control when it comes to spending money at all times.  She is considerate of how her purchases affect me, as well as our current and future financial plans.  She is a responsible spender, regardless of venue.  She wanted me to tell you this.  She feels better now.  I’m still drunk from last night.  Thank you for your time).

What Mary still has yet to adjust to with me is that if something of hers is left neglected in our fridge, she’s got about a day, two at most, before I devour it.  She likes to let things age for, I don’t know, a month.  Now when I say things I mean 20 oz. sodas, candy bars, Chinese food, and sometimes, beer.

Bad call on letting beer loiter in our fridge.

It really was my open-mindedness as it pertains to beer that allowed me to try this.  I love fruit, love it, but not in my beer.  When I see people drop orange slices in Blue Moon, I gag a little bit.  Limes in their Miller Lite, I get the dry heaves.

That one is probably just the Miller Lite.
Ray Ban outlet


By themselves? Fine. Putting them in my beer? I just assume you didn’t.

I just don’t like fruit in beer.  The potential for floaty, pulpy magma type shit floating around in my beer is something I wouldn’t invite on my own.  But with this beer, Great Divide already look it upon themselves to throw in fruit during the brewing process.  They use both red and black raspberries to create Wild Raspberry Ale.

The damn fruit is the appeal for this particular brew.  Not my style.

But, with an open mind and a willingness to steal my wife’s stash of beer without remorse, I said:

Me: Ah, to hell with it…

…and tried it.

Great Divide Brewing Company Wild Raspberry Ale

"Great Divide Brewing Co Wild Raspberry Ale"

One from a six-pack of Great Divide Brewing Co Wild Raspberry Ale. One of which, I stole. Don’t judge.

I’ve got to say, it turned out to be pretty good.  Now, when I say pretty good, I mean I could have a couple.  I couldn’t drink the six-pack in one sitting.  You might be able to, but I can’t.  The reason?  Mary already had a few so it was impossible unless I went and bought my own six-pack, and why do that when I can simply steal hers? But with each and every drink the Wild Raspberry Ale was growing on me.

You can taste the raspberries but it’s not a dominant and overpowering taste like a lot of fruit fusion beers, particularly apple cider beers, tend to be.  What you have is a good tasting ale with a subtle raspberry flavor.  I guess if I was going to drink fruit-beer-fusion whathaveyou, this would be my style because it’s much more beer than fruit.

We’re talking beer here, not Hi-C juice boxes for God’s sake.

Great Divide Brewing Company is a great brewery in Denver, Colorado.  I’ve had and enjoyed a number of their beers, although checking their site there’s a hell of a lot I haven’t had as well.  I took the opportunity that VHT provides me to try something that on my own, I never would have otherwise.

It’s my goal to continue to grow as a drinker.  I mean, isn’t that your goal?

Well, maybe this is just where you and I differ.

So if you like fruit in your beer, and you’d prefer not to cut up your own, Great Divide Brewing Company Wild Raspberry Ale is a good choice for your fruity beer needs.  Maybe fruity beer desires is a better word choice; using the word “needs” sounds like you have some sort of a problem.  Either way, I was skeptical at first, then proceeded to steal one and try it before I made up my mind that I didn’t like it.

I’m glad I did.  I mean Mary won’t be, but her happiness, or lack thereof, is not the focal point for this post.  The beer is what’s important here and one that you should try, even if you’re like me and don’t like fruit-beer whatever.

Now, as soon as she realizes I drank the rest of her supply, her happiness, or lack thereof, will become a focal point.

But until then, here’s to fruiting beer.  Just let the brewery do it, alright?

Have you ever tried Great Divide Brewing Company Wild Raspberry Ale?  What do you think of it?  Let me know if you’ve tried it or plan to and what you think!

Cheers people!!

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