Featured Beer #13 – Deschutes Brewery Hop In The Dark CDA

Halloween Style, Round Two.  Sort Of.

Lucky number 13! What up people? Well, it’s full-blown October now and as mentioned in last weeks post for VHT, it’s Halloween inspired beers for the rest of the month. Last week was Magic Hat’s Ourtoberfest Hex; a six-pack that epitomized the perfect combination of howling “so long” to Oktoberfest while simultaneously screaming “let’s do this” to Halloween. This week we keep the Halloween vibe going with Deschutes Brewery Hop In The Dark CDA.

Here’s the deal though; Deschutes Brewery Hop In The Dark CDA has nothing to do with Halloween.

At least not directly.

Let’s first briefly discuss the brewery and the beer itself. Deschutes Brewery is located in Bend, Oregon. Side note, there’s a ton of breweries in Oregon. A second side note, I love Oregon.

It’s Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. They make beer there. Beer you can drink.

Deschutes Brewery Hop In The Dark CDA

Deschutes is named after the Deschutes River, which the brewery itself overlooks. CDA is an acronym for Cascadian Dark Ale. Cascadian, referring to the Cascade Mountain Range up there in the Pacific Northwest. Dark, referring to not very light. And ale, referring to, well, ale.

All cleared up? You’re welcome.
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The bottom line with this beer is it’s hoppy like an IPA but yet dark and has some subtle roasted, chocolatey type stuff going on like a porter or stout. Needless to say, it’s right down my alley. It’s a great beer, so if you can find it, try it!

Now, on to the Halloween aspect.

There is none, specifically.

It’s Deschutes Brewery’s Hop In The Dark CDA. And, it’s scary, right?

But follow me on this one; the beer is called Hop In The Dark. “Dark” being the important word. The beer is almost black. Halloween colors are orange and, yep, black. The picture was taken at night, which adds an ominous tone to an otherwise harmless picture of a great craft beer.

It’s a scary photo, huh? Halloween like, you might say, with that haunted house in the background and all.

Ok, so maybe I’m reaching on the Halloween aspect of this beer. The truth of the matter is that I didn’t have a blatant Halloween beer in my possession, but while drinking Hop In The Dark and taking the photo, I thought I found one.

A dark and scary diamond in the rough if you will, perfectly suited for the continuation of my Halloween theme for VHT.

Alright, how about you do me a favor and just go along with me on this one, okay? The fact of the matter is I found a legitimate Halloween beer for next week, for the most part anyway, and as for Halloween night? Well, if I live through it’s consumption, the beer, or beers perhaps, I’ll write about are without a doubt drenched in Halloween themes.

That night will be scary, especially for me.

As for tonight, it’s Deschutes Brewery Hop In The Dark CDA. Whether directly affiliated with Halloween or not, in the month of October or any month when it’s available, it’s definitely worth trying.

That’s no bullshit, even if it being a Halloween beer is.

So cheers until next week, peoples!!

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