Featured Beer #20 – Ale Asylum Ambergeddon

Hey, Check Out What Mom Bought Me, Part One

I’ll admit this right away; my mom’s a pretty cool chick.

Now, she can drive me half crazy sometimes, but she’s a mom.  Mother’s can’t help but do that to their children, and if they’re not doing it inadvertently, they’ll do it intentionally just to maintain consistency.  As your life progresses and they’re slowly escorting you to crazy town, one thing they should do as well is support you and the choices you make.  Well, your sensible choices anyway.  For today’s VHT I’m drinking Ale Asylum Ambergeddon and I’ve got none other than my mom to thank for that.  So:

Me: Thanks mom!

"Ale Asylum Bottle Cap"

A bottle cap from Ale Asylum, a brewery in Madison, Wisconsin.

When I first started this blog, both my parents thought it was pretty cool.  I’m pretty sure they still do; at least I hope so anyway.  They knew it had a lot to do with beer and even though my mom doesn’t drink at all and my dad doesn’t drink craft beers, they were excited about it.  Reading about all the different kinds of beer out there and my abnormal take on beer reviews, my mom got inspired and wanted to contribute.

The problem?  She doesn’t like me drinking.  So since she lives in Iowa and I’m in Dallas we had a phone conversation as follows:

Mom: Well hello young son, how are you doing?

Me: I’m good ma, how’s it going?

Mom: Oh, we’re doing fine.  So I have a question for you?

Me: What’s that?

Mom: Have you ever heard of Dirty Bastard?

Me: (Pause) I’m confused.

Mom: It’s a kind of beer.

Me: Oh.  No, I can’t say that I have.

Mom: Well, your dad and I were up in Wisconsin and we found some really cool beers for you to try so you can put them on your blog.  I mean Cory, these beers are really cool.

Me: Ok.

Mom: Yeah, they’ve got skulls and angels and devils on the bottle and they’re just really cool.  Now, there’s part of me that said “Diane, you shouldn’t be buying these for him,” because you know I don’t like you drinking, but they were just so cool I had to buy them.

Me: Do you still think I’m an alcoholic or something?

Mom: Well I don’t know, I just don’t like you drinking and here I am buying these beers for you to drink and write about.  It just kind of bothers me somewhat.  So have you ever heard of Ambergeddon?
maglie calcio poco prezzo
Me: I don’t think so.

Mom: Oh, Cory, it’s cool.  It’s a black bottle and it’s got a big skull on it.  It’s says something like Asylum on it.  Does that sound familiar?

Me: Nope.

Mom: Well I’m going to send these down to you for you to drink.  I was so excited to find out if you’ve heard of them or not.  I just sincerely hope I’m not adding to your struggle with alcoholism.

Me: So you do think I’m an alcoholic?  Mom, I like to drink, I’m not an alcoholic.

Mom: People who like to drink most generally are alcoholics.  Have you heard of another brewery called Three Floyds?

Me: Yes, I’ve heard of them and I’ve had a couple of their beers.

Mom: Yeah, they’re cool too.  I almost bought you some of them as well, but with your drinking problem I just didn’t want to buy you too many because your drinking does bother me.  I mean it really does.

Me: Mom, I’m just going to keep saying it, I’m not an alcoholic, alright.

Mom: If you say so.  So I’m going to send you this beer.  I can’t wait to see what you write about it.

So here’s your non-alcoholic son writing about one of the beers you bought me, mom.  I appreciate the contribution and you know what, if in fact I am an alcoholic who’s simply in denial, well, I suppose I appreciate the support as well!!

Ale Asylum Ambergeddon

"Ale Asylum Ambergeddon"

A gift of Ale Asylum Ambergeddon. From my mother. She is thoughtful, and I love her. Even more so since she bought me beer. Just being honest.

Ale Asylum is a brewery located in Madison, Wisconsin.  I can honestly say I’ve never heard of them until this package arrived at my house, and that’s a good thing.  That means more and more individuals are taking the initiative to start their own small breweries with aspirations to grow and expand.  In America, what better dream can you have than to pave your own way, on your terms, doing what you love?

Quick answer; there is no better dream.

Ambergeddon is an amber ale, which are usually smooth and easily drinkable for most anyone’s palate.  Most craft breweries have their own take on an amber ale and Ambergeddon is quite a bit hoppier than most ambers tend to be.  However, even though the beer is hoppy, the hop taste doesn’t linger.  It’s got a great color to it and a very good balance of malt with the hops, which I dig.  While she had no idea what the hell she was buying, my mother bought a very good beer in Ale Asylum Ambergeddon.

Although this is a beer I will not be able to find in Dallas, people in the Midwest might want to keep their eyes peeled for Ale Asylum Ambergeddon.  And who knows, if Ale Asylum continues to expand, which according to their website they are, it might eventually make its way to Dallas and to wherever you are.

Let’s hope they do.

So this has been part one of what I’ll start calling the Mom Beer Series, or the MBS for short.  I’ve got two other MBS beers in my stash currently so there will be at least two more installments to come.  And just maybe, if she’s not racked with guilt over her complicity in aiding the progression of her son’s perceived alcoholism, I’ll get another care package from her down the road sometime.

Why she doesn’t ever feel guilty over occasionally driving me crazy and yet feels guilty over this I’ll never understand.

At any rate, love you mom, and thank you for your efforts!

I’d say cheers to her, but she doesn’t drink, so cheers to everyone else that does!

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