Craft Beer Video Reviews…That Aren’t Reviews?  Sort Of.

This is a site that deals with a whole lot of craft beer…stuff.  I wish like hell I could tell you exactly where this is all headed, but hey, this is the internet, it’s not like we have to be professionals or something.  I’m just a guy that loves the craft beer culture; that includes going to breweries and trying new beers, talking with fellow craft beer lovers (I’m not saying beer nerds, dammit), and most importantly but certainly damaging to my savings account, buying all kinds of beer to enjoy.

I don’t profess to know everything there is to know about craft beer, but if you are completely uneducated and Miller Lite is all you drink, then you’re the ones I want to engage.  I used to be you, then I realized what my taste buds were and man did things change.  Nothing wrong with the domestics, there’s a time and place for them, but I hope to persuade at least somebody into trying something new.  I did eventually and I never looked back.  Alright, I drink a Coors Light from time to time, I admit it.  But this is about craft beer, so I’ll drink, you’ll watch and then we’ll talk.  Maybe I can educate you and you can educate me.  Together we’ll get smarter and drink better beer.  Win win, right?

So, you thirsty?

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